Monday, February 22, 2010

Natural Eventing and Parelli in Florida!

Greeting from sunny (rainy today) Florida!

It's been awhile since I've been here and it all seems like a blur. I've spent almost 4 weeks at the Parelli Study Center at Pat's barn which has been a fabulous experience with many wonderful people. It's so amazing to be around so many riders who all put the relationship first, are savvy with everything they do, and who uphold such high standards that Pat strives to instill in all of his Professionals. It has been an extremely rewarding journey.

Babe and I just won the Preliminary division of 22 riders, many who are well known pro's like Bruce and Buck Davidson. We were 7th after a nice dressage test, lacking pizazz but still nice. Because we stayed steady in stadium with no rails and on time we bumped into 2nd due to other riders having rails and time faults. I walked the XC 5, yes 5, times do make extra sure dementia didn't set in again. At the last 2 events we ran, I should have won but due to a TE was eliminated in one (galloped right by jump #13) and the other read the times wrong and sauntered over the finish line thinking how great we were. Well, ok, we were great, but our time was not! We still placed 2nd or 3rd anyway :) So 2 of these course walks were with a wheel - one in feet which really challenged my math, the other in metres and with good advice from another seasoned event rider Hilda Donahue on how to set the target times easier. So, long story short, we were actually almost 15 secs undertime over the finish line! We spent most of our time building confidence, safety and keeping our relationship intact before we really focused on the time. I want to add that Babe does all of his phases in a custom made copper-mouth double-jointed snaffle and is very responsive :)

Rhapsody had a great event at Sporting days - her jumping was phenomenal now she needs to ramp up her dressage. She also ran here at Rocking Horse but didn't place. That's no matter, her jumping was, once again, brilliant. Both Babe and Rhapsody maintained true heart and desire, gave it their best with no hesitations. They are truly amazing horses and it is the foundation that counts!

I'll be home again in a week, for a few weeks, then back to Fl again before the crew packs up to leave for CO. Then it's summer time in SC! Yeah my kind of weather! And I miss my cats terribly, without Ses and Ame here with me I may have gone really looney. Thanks to everyone who has supported me to be here - Dachia, Shaun, Steve, Alyssa for running Avalo, all of my NH students and Event students who are endlessly faithful and loyal to the journey together. I Love you guys!