Saturday, September 18, 2010

Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Lessons & Birthday at Avalo

What a fabulous weekend! I turned 42 (wasn't sure if it was 43 or 42 figured I couldn't do anything about it anyway...). I was thrilled to receive a few lovely gifts - cat litter, cat scratching device, red velvet cake, many FB Bday wishes, a few Bday songs to boot and a shoe box with boot cleaning material) as well as the most important - good company with Team Avalo!

Ashley and Laura arrived Fri night for cake and dinner while Kim, Melissa, Brenda, Rebecca and hubby Dennis arrived on Saturday to have appts with Dr Kerry (DVM) and Christine Ridgway, our local phenomenal team helping our horses from the ground up holistically using chiropractic/acupuncture/saddle fit techniques and horse assessments. Dr R helped assess Babe's RH pastern ligament tear to a tee and the horses really accept him well ( 

I missed Ashley and Pecan's assessment as well as most of Melissa and Ely's but got to spectate in on Kim and Tempo and some of Brenda and Maggie. For Tempo,deciding on what really might be 'pain' versus 'mare attitude' was the key here and we were pleased to find she was very well put together for a young mare with only some tension in her muscle from her jaw to her shoulder muscle. The exercise recommended for tension relief here is holding her tongue which she wasn't fond of at first but relaxed into it nicely. Tempo also had a great lesson prior to her appt in which we worked on HQ disengagement, FQ yield and some back-up. Our focus is to be as light as possible to create the least amount of brace, and work through some thresholds with Tempo's very strong opinions! Maggie has a tight spot in a biceps muscle causing her stiffness on her right side and an ultrasound might be in store to help diagnose further.

Pecan, Ashley and Dr Ridgway

 Laura had a fabulous ride on Apache - our lovely App gelding for sale who had a late start U/S and who is turning out to be a FUN flashy event mount. This was the first time Laura has ridden him since he was re-started 5 months ago and he ended with some nice softness and trotting over some power poles. Check Apache out at (

Ely and Dr Ridgway
Melissa tried riding Keebler in 'the couch' - my super comfy saddle since she hasn't found the right saddle yet for Ely/Keebler. She adjusted herself well and got some really nice trot/walk transitions and self vertical flexion by the end of her short lesson.

Rebecca and Dennis brought our new boarder - Sharif, a young, leggy, RBE arabian gelding who will be staying with us until Rebecca and Dennis move onto their new farm. Rebecca will be able to play with Sharif, help at Avalo, and continue to bring Gabby along with me in his training when she comes for her weekly visits at Avalo.

Ashley and Pecan finished up with a few nice jumps with nice soft hands. I rode Pecan for 15mins to encourage some self carriage and wow I had forgotten what a bouncy big trot he has - a lot of suspension when he rounds bends - she will have abs of steel sitting his trot! Ashley has joined Middleton Hounds in Charleston this year!

Dachia, Vicki, Zoe (JRT), Ashley, (Maria (DMH) and Chickens (Barred Rock sisters)
Dachia took some pics and visited while Vicki watched and tagged along. Steve worked on his aquariums all day and orchestrated various tidying and plant chores while Alyssa helped in the kitchen and with horse hay and cat dinners. Lia is on her way tomorrow for a contact lesson and for me to try riding the famous Rowdy!

Thanks to all of Team Avalo who could make it this weekend and we missed those of  you who couldn't make it! Upcoming horse plans include Jasmine Farm CT with Apache on September 24th, lessons in Charleston October 2/3rd, possibly Pine Top HT with Regalia (see Regalia at October 9/10th and hopefully Paradise Farm HT on October 23rd with Regalia and either Tremolo and/or Apache, and a visit to Avalo from two of my Canadian PNH Professionals en route to FL. 

It will be a busy month, as usual, here at Avalo Farm. Please follow my blog for various posts about Avalo Farm's Natural Horsemanship journey's, training, our students and insights! I love all of you guys and can't wait for more visits, lessons, fun and good company!

Michelle - Avalo Farm Natural Eventing